Louis Divine Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage
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Gentle yet dynamic

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'Every time I leave your classes I feel more relaxed and centred, with more energy for the day ahead. I have much better posture following your informative tuition. Thank you!'
Anita, London

'I'm an awkward customer coming to Louis' class with many odd injuries. He was
able to assist me in over-coming these injuries through various techniques
and the use of various pieces of equipment. Always a fun class to attend "now lean forward & get out the Lady Ga Ga hands"
Dave, London

'Louis always make you feel welcome and relaxed. As a relative beginner to Yoga,
Louis is also flexible in his approach to ensure everyone in the class feels that
they are working at a pace that is suitably challenging. I always leave the class
feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, thanks Louis!'
Elaine, Amsterdam

'I really like the kind of yoga he teachs. The best thing is that he explains very
well the different asanas. You know perfectly how you have to put the different
parts of your body. The atmosphere in the class is very cozy. I felt like at home.
Thank you Louis!!'
Estrella, Amsterdam

'Going to Louis' class is always a good start of the day or the beginning of a
relaxing evening with new energy. Louis teaches patiently and with fun as well. I
really enjoy his style of teaching with positive messages for now and also for the
Im Fong, Amsterdam

'I felt energised but calm and centred after your yoga class last Saturday.
In fact, I felt wonderful for the rest of the day! Having attended many
different yoga classes in the past, I just wanted to let you know how very
much I enjoyed your style of teaching. I will definitely be back for more.'
Janice, London

'Louis puts the Yo in to Yoga. Being a busy office worker like myself you rarely take the time to clear your head and focus on your breathing. After one session with Louis, where his soothing and comforting voice helps you find your inner peace, I am certain you will be hooked like I was.'
Jonathan, London

'I had been to a few yoga classes before, but no teacher has ever made me as welcome as Louis has. He thoroughly explains each position - background, what it works etc. His thorough knowledge and warm atmosphere has made his class so enjoyable I can't wait for my next visit!'
Justene, Vancouver

'Warm, balanced and collected on a mental, physical and spiritual level" that is how I feel after my weekly yoga class with Louis. He is an excellent teacher who methodically describes all your poses, breathing patterns and sanskrit terminology to you. I find this helps me to understand and progress in the class as I gain a full picture of the yogic practice. A great class no matter if you are a beginner or very advanced, he caters for all levels. I highly recommend.'
Nalini, London

The unique experience of Louis lessons, I thought Yoga was impossible for me and yet I found myself breathing deeply and totally relaxed.
The place is also perfect; the morning light coming into the white spacious room and Louis’ calm voice makes you feel like you are floating. A real treat.
Pepa, Amsterdam

Have fun, feel divine
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