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Relax, restore and re-energize with Senergize Thai Yoga Massage. Combining acupressure with deep stretches, it’s both preventive and therapeutic - bringing balance and harmony to your whole being. Enjoy this ancient, traditional therapy which has helped heal and nurture for thousands of years.

Choose from our range of massages and affordable price packages. We can visit you in your own home or why not come to our beautiful Senergize Garden House in the heart of the Jordaan, Amsterdam.

It’s so easy - choose from these transforming massages

Siam Serenity
Experience the personal attention of this relaxing massage with deep, long stretches. It also includes a full, rejuvenating head and face massage.
Choose if you: Need to unwind and fancy some pampering.

Chiang Mai Vitality
An energising massage that helps release muscle tension, opens the joints and stimulates the Sen lines - maximising your energy flow for peak performance.
Choose if you: Are an active sports person or in need of an energy boost.

Kalathari Time
A beautiful all round massage that both relaxes and stimulates, connecting the mind, body and spirit.
Choose if you: Want to relax, unwind and re-energize

90 mins - £90

60 mins - £60

We can also visit you in the comfort of your own home

If it's more convenient, and you live in zones 1-3, we can visit you in the comfort of your own home.

90 mins - £120

60 mins - £90

Gift vouchers also available – Why not buy a voucher for somebody special?

Please note: All massages can be adapted to fit your own personal needs and requirements.

Get in touch now to book an appointment

E: info@senergize.com
T: +44 7710 783207

Don’t forget we can visit you at home or you can come to our Senergize Garden House in the Jordaan, Amsterdam.

About Louis
Louis came to traditional Thai Yoga Massage through his deep love of yoga. He enjoys exploring the many crossover points the two practices share. A massage is a moving meditation for both recipient and practitioner which ultimately (as in yoga) unites the mind, body and spirit. He continues his studies at the International Training Massage School Amsterdam where he has passed the Nuad Bo Rarn (Northern Style) Level I Thai Yoga Massage course. He is also currently undertaking the Teacher Training Traditional Thai Yoga Massage course there.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is traditional Thai Yoga Massage?
A: It’s an ancient therapeutic practice originating in the temples of Thailand around 4 - 5000 years ago by Buddhist monks who originally came from India. It helps maintain the immune system, prevents illness and reduces stress and tension.
By stimulating the body’s sen lines and acupressure points it clears blockages, boosts energy, increases blood flow and cleanses the lymphatic drainage system. The invigorating stretches help keep the body toned and supple. Many of the positions are similar to yoga poses and the practice is sometimes called ‘passive yoga’.

Q: What can I expect at my first massage?
A: You will be asked to complete a short health questionnaire. Please make sure you highlight any relevant medical conditions. If there are any particular parts of your body that need special attention, or are to be avoided, please don’t hesitate to say.

Q: Do I have to undress for a Thai Yoga Massage?
A: No, you keep all your clothes on. Wear a long sleeved top and trousers or leggings. Choose things you feel comfortable in.

Q: Do you use massage oils?
A: No we don't.

Can I receive a massage if have an injury or condition?
It depends what it is. Check with your doctor first and, if they say it’s ok, make sure you notify me before the massage.

Where does the name Senergize come from?
In traditional Thai Yoga Massage it’s thought that energy flows through the body’s Sen lines, which massage and acupressure help to keep unblocked. Senergize combines ‘Sen’ and ‘energize’ - suggesting health and vitality while still making a connection to the practices ancient roots.

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E: info@senergize.com
T: +44 7710 783207
We are based in Kings Cross,, London.

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